Rider of the Week: Teagan DeJong

Was there ever a more magical and exciting time in our riding career than our pony days? For many of us, it was love at first ride! This is definitely the case for our next featured rider, Teagan DeJong. She says that showing her pony gives her a thrill in life and brings her so much joy and happiness. She is so pony crazy that she says even when she isn’t at the barn, she is at home jumping her dog! Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I know it does for me!

Teagan currently rides with Alison Warwick at Warwick Equestrian and says she loves the coaching and recommends her barn to anyone. “(Alison) is amazing! If I ever had to thank anyone for my riding skills, I would thank her first…she challenges you but in the nicest way possible.” says Teagan.

Teagan, who is currently 12 years old, has been riding for a total of 7 years and has had plenty of success so far, making it into the ribbons in her first cross rails class when she was only 7! She has been showing on the Trillium Circuit for the past 2 years, qualifying for Trillium Championships both times, and placing 7th in the small/medium pony hunter classic this past season (pictured below). For her sixth show season, Teagan and her pony Annie will be showing in the medium pony hunters again as well as aging out of “C” equitation into “B” equitation.


Teagan part-boards Annie and says this is the perfect way to have a pony without all the added worries and responsibilities of actually being the owner. Most part-boards allow a rider to have a set amount of lessons and riders per week. Teagan says she is lucky to receive two lessons a week and is able to free ride whenever she likes, making it feel like Annie is all hers! 

“She is very feisty and sassy.” She says about her favourite pony. “And let’s just say winter is not her favorite season. She is very loving and is great for any kind of rider. She loves jumping (sometimes) and is very fast when showing at our barn.” The first show of the South West zone is in early may, at Highland Green Equestrian. Hopefully that means Annie will be in better spirits with the snow long gone!

Other than moving up in the show circuit and growing as a rider in general, Teagan says her specific riding goals include trying out cross country, learning to ride a horse, and jumping bareback. We hope the best for her and Annie this season and that she gets to have tons of exciting riding experiences in the years to come!

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